Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My political wishes

Several politicians from the ruling party diligently criticised Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim which was actually a surprise to me in the sense that these politicians are actually highlighting weaknesses and hanky panky that is going on in the ruling party. For example Lim Keng Yaik mentioned that Anwar was giving him ‘hell’ when he was the Deputy Prime Minister. Datuk Seri Koh Tsu Koon further added that Anwar refused to promote a Chinese educator. All these happened when Anwar was the Deputy Prime Minister!

As a Malaysian Penangite of Chinese descent, my wishes are:
1. I want to live in a fair and equitable country.
2. I wish that all Malaysians received equal treatment in terms of employment and career advancement opportunities in the government sector (Dr Koh Tsu Koon has just revealed that such inequality already existed if there are biased politician in the country).
3. I wish that all Malaysians received equal treatment in education and scholarship opportunities, which I still has doubts about the meritocracy system already running in the country.
4. I wish that Malaysia immediately stop funding inept lecturers overseas for postgraduate studies which is a waste of taxpayers’ money! There are lecturers who took the opportunity to prolong the duration of their PhD studies instead of the usual 3 year duration or even came back without a PhD or even misused the funds to buy a Mercedez!
5. I wish that the minorities would never be threatened with the keris again! (Remember that incident!)

As a Malaysian Penangite, how can I be sure that I’m voting for a candidate from the ruling party who are objective, unbiased, fair, corrupt-free and that would favour all races when Anwar was already a prime example of a biased politician in the ruling party.