Saturday, February 25, 2012

Registering as a PhD student in USM

I have finally registered myself as a PhD student in USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia). My area of research is in organisational behaviour. I have already developed the theoretical framework and all I need to do now is to strengthen that framework.

USM being an APEX university, is a no-nonsense university when it comes to research. My work will be highly scrutinised by the examiners. Now I have to make sure that my proposal is extremely robust in order to be accepted by the examiners.

I will be facing three oral examinations as a PhD student in USM.

1. Proposal Defence
2. Proposal Findings
3. Viva Voce

Once you have passed through all the three stages and after having making corrections as required by the examiners, you will be conferred a PhD.