Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In memory

Isn't he cute? Unfortunately, he has been missing since 13th June 2008. It's Friday the 13th!!
He went missing on that day!! So much for the coincidence...

So what has happened to him. I could speculate that he has ended up in someone's dinner plate amongst the dog-eating community. Or he could have been knocked down (a hit and run victim) by some irresponsible jerk. Probably he died of old age. Who knows....Or probably the aliens have kidnapped him...because he's too adorable.

He came to my house in March 2006 and we have been feeding him since then. A very loyal, obedient and cute dog, I must say. But he's also a very noisy dog. Ha ha ha.

And he lived on instant gratification. You bet!!!! If he wants food, he will start moaning. If he wants to come into the house or out of the house, he will start shaking the gate. No kidding!
Good communication, perhaps!
Anyway, it's sad that he's no longer with us since Friday the 13th.....dum..... scary eh...

If you have seen him or know his whereabout, please let me know. You might get a reward! A packet of peanuts perhaps or some packet of Twisties, Mamee, Double Decker......you name it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Research, research and research....Month #1

Wow, it has been a long time I haven't blog here.

Three months to be exact, eh... today is the 19th of June, 2008.

So what has happened for the past three months. Im enjoying life, I would say.

I just started my research postgraduate degree in USM. Huh...where is USM. For those who don't know what is USM or where is USM....USM is Universiti Sains Malaysia located in the Penang island and it's a public university ......(duh)...

Also, it has been a year since I've completed my research undergraduate degree.

In fact I have been asked 49 times why I didnt choose the MBA course, though I was accepted into USM as well for the MBA course. I chose to do the research postgraduate degree course because of a very simple answer. I want to be an academician, period.

Secondly, the MBA course is so much more expensive than a research degree course in USM. The research degree course is substantially subsidised by the University. That's a good thing!

To be an academician, a research degree is more valuable than an MBA.

Furthermore, i hate taking exams....!!! Man, i hate exams. I'm just so sick of it.
What a pity of those students above cracking their brains doing some calculus, probably. Anyway, I wonder whoever who took this picture was trying to aim the cleavage of this particular female student or to project the image of an examination setting.

But...but...but...the research process itself is very very overwhelming. Seriously, it can just drive your soul out of your body. What the heck I'm trying to say. HMmm.. Put simply, for some, you have to be psychologically ready to start a research and to write a 50,000 word thesis. WOOO...did i say 50,000 words. Yes, that's right, folks.

Well, here's the beginning of the journey. I would say this is the first month I began this voyage of the research world!

I shall post more blogs as I progress through...
Look out.