Saturday, December 27, 2008

Philosophy # 2

' The classical man is just a bundle of routine, ideas, and tradition. When he acts, he is translating every living moment in terms of the old'
Bruce Lee (1975, p. 16) The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

Please read it, understand it, and absorb it. Bruce Lee was referring 'it' to the Kung Fu filled with unnecessary classical patterns and movements. Therefore, he created his very own philosophy of the martial arts - Jeet Kune Do. I am applying that philosophy in my atheistic philosophy.

Remember the last time you are observing a routine traditional ceremony. Ask yourself whether it has any purpose, function or value in it. It it does not, discard it.

'Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality'
Bruce Lee (1975, p. 14) The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

If it does not contain any purpose, function, or value, why are you still observing it? Why are you following the footsteps and shadows of the classical man - our ancestors? The classical man who lived 999 years before us....why are we following his shadows?...when we are living in the 21st century. When you follow his shadows, you are actually trying to live in the times of your ancestors.

We are living in the present with the Internet right in front of our eyes!

Unlearn all those unnecessary ceremonies, traditions, and routines. Empty your cup! Fill your cup with your own way of living!

Apply this very important philosophy right now!

Listening to the classical man is about understanding the routine, traditions, shadows, and his wayward beliefs. 'You are not understanding yourself' (Bruce Lee, 1975, p. 17).

Listen to yourself and understand yourself.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Philosophies of Gabriel Gim - The Way of the Atheist

If Bruce Lee could write The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, I should start writing my own philosophies on the way of living as an atheist. Hmmm...let's call it...The Way of the Atheist.

By the way, this blog was initially intended to be dedicated to my very own writing of my philosophies but somehow I lost tracked and diverted into a dogs' rights activist. But I am indeed a strong advocate of dogs' rights.

Nevertheless, let's start writing!

My very first very controversial philosophy.
Here goes..

'Men created God'

That's right, folks. Men created the word god and everything related to god. We don't see animals praying. So why only humans pray to god? Because, they themselves created god.
I strongly believe religion was designed as a guideline to one's morality and consciousness. But the followers have always interpreted religions in a different way to the extent that the major religions in the world have turned into something iconic or symbolic, into a club, into an organisation or a society where one can bond with each other and starts to advocate their beliefs to others.

I believe religions should be ripped of all its Godly supernatural beliefs and we should go back to the core of religion:- Philosophy and morality!

There is no god but men's god. It is our past ancestors who have created god. So, why are we believing someone who lives in the times of the barbaric era and when there is no Internet and space shuttle in those times? Why are we believing in it when we have not seen it? We believe in God because of the bounded societal culture we are living in. Only a few of us could break free from this barrier and started thinking scientifically and philosophically about the truth of the universe. And I am one of them:- an atheist!
Are you?

Try to reflect on yourself one day and ask yourself why are you still doing what your ancestors have been doing for the past 999 years? Times have changed and so must you!

From this very first philosophy of mine, Men created God, it lead me to my second philosophy which I shall discuss in the future.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Serial dog murderer on the loose in Lip Sin!

I am writing this to inform the world that there is a serial dog murderer on the loose in Lip Sin Garden, Penang. Yes I say it right! Lip Sin Garden is somewhere near Taman Pekaka and Bukit Jambul.

This particular young Chinese man was spotted poison to stray dogs in Lip Sin Garden. It is believed that he lives in some flats in Lip Sin Garden near Super Tanker food court, Sunshine Lip Sin and Leng Nia coffeeshop.

This stupid Chinese man must have hated dogs so much to the extend that he is so passionate to kill the stray dogs one by one by feeding them poison! He would feed them rice laced with poison. Watch out for that, dog lovers!!

On September 30th, 2008, the stupid Chinese man was seen feeding some food to a dog. Thinking he was harmless, I ignore that. Later, I found out that there are some dead pigeons around the plastic bag containing the rice and a stray dog who was eating the rice was a little dizzy walking away from the food. Then only I found out, that stupid Chinese man was feeding poison to dogs!!! A couple of stray dogs have died mysteriously and now I know who's the stupid culprit.

If Karma does really exist, I do really wish that particular stupid idiotic Chinese man be born as a bull dog in his next life and to be ran over by a lorry while he is crossing a busy road.

Ladies and gentleman, please be aware that such a coward act of feeding poison to dogs is a crime in Malaysia (unfortunately, i'm not a lawyer, so I don't know it falls under which Act) which is punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

If anyone of you actually seen this stupid useless cowardly Chinese man feeding poison to stray dogs, please apprehend him immediately. He may seem innocent feeding some food to dogs but it's laced with fatal poison.
The stupid Chinese man is fair-skin and probably around in his twenties or thirties. I hoped he feed his wife and mother some poison too.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Acting GM of PKNS

I can't believe that there are people (especially the ex Selangor MB Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo) protesting against the appointment of Low Siew Moi as the acting GM for the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS).

Isn't she (Low Siew Moi) a Malaysian? Furthermore, she has substantial years of relevant experience as reported in The Star. Just because she's of a different colour, she cannot be the acting GM? What the heckk!!!

The Malaysian government does really need a new government. I do urge everyone to give Malaysia a restructuring that Malaysians deserved. Four more years to go.......can't wait...

Anyway, kudos to the current Selangor MB Khalid for defending the appointment of Low Siew Moi, although she is a non-bumiputra as the acting GM for PKNS.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The hair metal days are gone...

The 1980s hair metal period I believe to have started from 1978 and ended in 1993 is long gone....
Too bad.
It was well recorded in rock history on how Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen creatively explored beyond the blues pentatonic scale and came up with something new in 1978...something similar to Neo Classicalism that gave rise to the 1980s hair metal!

And why it ended in 1993? Thanks to Kurt Cobain and his band Nirvana, they killed hair metal. Grunge killed hair metal.

So who are the hair metallists?
Here they are...


Van Halen

Def Leppard

Hanoi Rocks

Motley Crue

Can u imagine those rockers putting make up, wearing tight leather pants and strange tight costumes, putting hairsprays that have destroyed the ozone layer and most importantly, their big hair thingy!..... Those are the days....

And hair metal sounds better than alternative rock. For sure!

Go listen to hair metal!

Puppies shot dead

One of the puppies that was shot dead cruelly

I am writing in response to the brutal killings of a couple of puppies in Lip Sin Garden recently. I woke up today getting ready to attend my class only to find MPPP officers outside my house in the opposite field cruelly shot dead two puppies. I also wonder how many dogs they have killed today. The day before, they caught a dog and a puppy and their fate was unknown to me. As an animal lover, I was distraught and disgusted on how humans treat animals.

Have we become so self-centred that dogs should not live with us on this planet? Have we become the ruler of planet earth who could decide who shall live and who shall not live on this planet? Are dogs’ lives so worthless that they could be killed randomly just like that? Are dogs a nuisance to human to the extent that they need to be rid off from this planet? More importantly, how do you think the mother (bitch) to the puppies would feel to find her puppies having been murdered? These are the questions I would like to pose to the people who complaint about dogs straying in the neighbourhood of Lip Sin Garden. I also wish that the very person who complained is actually given the privilege to witness the brutal extermination of these stray dogs. Then I believe you would think twice before complaining. It’s also a pitiful sight this morning to see the mother (bitch) sniffing around the street to find its puppies without realising that the MPPP officers have killed them.

Living right in front of the field where these dogs roam, I have not seen any of these stray dogs bitten anyone. Also, never in my life I have seen a stray dog bitten anyone and I don’t believe a stray dog would bite anyone unless provoked. Instead, stray dogs are afraid of humans. The dogs that the public should watch out for are pet dogs who are kept in cages or dogs who are cruelly tied to a tree because these are the dogs who would bare their teeth at or attack you if you happened to walk pass them.

Have you seen someone who pelted stones and sticks at a dog just because the dog was tailing behind that person or the dog was walking nearby or the dog was sitting in front of someone’s gate? Have you seen a toddler kicking a puppy for sport while the parents were actually looking and not doing anything to discipline their toddler? Have you seen children and teenagers pelting stray dogs with sticks and branches just for the fun of it? I have seen all of these incidents right with my own eyes. So, who are the real threats here? Humans or dogs? And what would happen if these children were bitten by a stray dog? The first thing I would have always read in the newspaper is the claim ‘I didn’t do anything to the dog!’ as if I will believe the statement that the stray dog is unprovoked. Like I said before, it is highly more likely that a pet dog would bite someone.

To be fair, there are also incidents where the pack of stray dogs are seen chasing after people. However, these dogs have no ill intention of biting anyone. It’s just that they are chasing after people to play with them. Seriously! Every time I walk out to the field, this pack of stray dogs would run after me and jump on me not to bite me but to show affection yet I do not feed them food. Unfortunately, this is the source of misunderstanding for the public to think that the stray dogs are dangerous. But they are not!

I have not even told you that about a group of boys on bicycles who pelted firecrackers at two stray dogs for no apparent reason. I’ve also seen a group of boys after their evening prayers terrorising the street with stones because these dogs happened to sleep by the roadside. I’ve also seen countless times a couple of ‘mat rempits’ attempting to irritate these dogs by riding noisily up and down the street just because the dogs are there. In addition, those ‘mat rempits’ often aggravate the dogs by grazing their bikes against the dogs. Again, this is the very reason why the pack of stray dogs would always chase after motorcyclists but nobody knows the root cause of it.

On a few occasions, I observed that the stray dogs would strangely bark at innocent people who belong to a certain race. From what I observed, the root cause is because there is a group of people of a certain race who would occasionally come to the playground to disturb these stray dogs.

On the good side, I’ve seen a few good Samaritans in Lip Sin Garden who help to feed these stray dogs and I respect them. I’ve also seen children playing with the puppies and the stray dogs by petting them and running around with them.

Before I end my grievances, I do hope that anyone who complained that they can’t sleep because of noisy barking in the middle of the night could sleep peacefully now because a couple of dogs and puppies have been exterminated. And to those who can’t tolerate the sight of dogs, I wish you are very happy now that a few dogs are gone but I’m still feeling sick of the sight where a puppy was shot in the head while it was sleeping.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cute lil' puppy

She is a cute puppy, isn't she? Unfortunately, she has died from some pregnancy complications about a year ago. Apparently she was raped by some other dogs and .....the rest is history...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Is this the joke of the 21st century?

"Mercedes cars were cheaper to maintain and save up on fuel costs"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New born puppy

Look! It's a new born puppy! I thought it's a giant brown rat............or some stunted alien..

Apparently I've lost count of how many puppies were there...a dozen I think. This one is the one I kidnapped from the mother and I ran all the way home.

And here's the mother.....same colour....same patches....

Aren't both of them cute...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ex bank negara scholar comments

Hey guys, read this....I will not comment anything for now. But I'll say something in the future.

This is taken from a fellow blogger
[Accessed 3rd July 2008]

I hope he's not angry of me....

Enjoy reading...

Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim My Hero

I actually wanted to write this ages ago. In fact this article should be written 12 years ago way back in 1996. I was 22 years old. A young ambitious chap who just graduated from Melbourne University in Australia.

I have to admit that I wasted most of my time there. Being a Bank Negara scholar, I took things for granted. Late nights out, jamming session, movies/videos (during that time VCD has not been invented :)took priority over my studies. I was totally wrong to underestimate the commitment required for an undergraduate course. Perhaps my excellent SPM results have somehow make me think I was smart enough to go thru university years. How wrong I was.

I can still recalled my first semester exam taken in autumn 1993. It was a Business Computing paper. The night before the exam, AC Milan came to town to play the Australia national team. Me and my college buddies decided that since we know so much about computers, perhaps some time off could be taken to witness the Italian job on football. To be honest, it was a grand occasion. The likes of Paulo Maldini commanding the left pitch was a sight to behold. We came back after supper and started to panic rushing thru the lecture notes and tutorial. I failed the exam miserably. It served me right. It was partially an eye opener (still tak sedar diri) for me since I was under contract to complete the degree with honours within the stipulated time (4 years in my case). I barely got thru the others (my highest mark was 60) and have to re-sit the Business Law exam. My first year was a total disaster, academically and personally.

I tried to buck-up and concentrate more on my studies in my 2nd and 3rd year although the distraction was sometime too hard to resist. Baillieu Library became my second home. In order for me to be accepted to continue the 4th year (Hons), I need to at least obtain an average of 75% throughout my 3 years as an undergraduate. The law of average was too cruel on me. My 1st year result brought down the average to 73%, just 2% short of the required grade. I went to see the Hons program co-ordinator and begged her mercy to accept me as the Hons candidate. Failure to be accepted in the Hons programme could cost me RM240,000 for breach of contract. She tried her best but I guess her best wasn't good enough (sounds familiar?). I tried to console myself by enjoying my Graduation Day. At least I've got a degree :)

December 1995. I came back for good from Australia. Ready to serve the Central Bank of Malaysia. But I was brought to reality when the then Assistant Governor, Rafiah Salim call all scholars to her office. When it came to my turn, she crunched my results and threw it to me saying, "With results like this, you are not good enough to work at the bank" I was totally embarrassed and devastated in front of my colleagues. She treated me like rubbish. Demanding me to pay RM240,000 for breach of contract. I actually offered myself to work at any post (guards included) as long I could serve my contractual obligation with the Bank. After all, I did have a degree, not a total disaster in my own opinion. Even some of my seniors didn't complete the Hons. year but were still accepted to work in the bank. But to her, I was public enemy number 1. The one who tarnished the prestigious image of the Central Bank. All my appeals went to deaf ears and they started to issue a demand letter for breach of contract. I will never forgive Rafiah Salim for what she did on me and my family.

My family was in disarray after knowing that I need to pay RM240k. How on earth can we earn that much? My father, being a hot tempered guy, always directed his anger towards Ibu. Pity my mum, I would say she's the most patient human being in the world, tolerating my father's antics without even raising her voice. We tried to seek help with this so-called helpful politician but to no avail. We even seeked the assistance from Datuk Salomon Selamat, my father's schoolmate, the then YDP SDARA, my very own alma mater.

He promised us that he'll do his best but whenever my father called him, he kept on giving the same answer and finally told us that he can't assist us after we were made to wait for more than 5 months. A true politician indeed! I have nothing personal against Datuk Salamon. Just disappointed with his know everybody attitude but in reality....? It would be completely fine if he told us that he can't help us during our very first meeting. But having to waste precious months like menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba is a bit to much for me.

In the mean time, I went to this job interview at a Bank Negara affiliate. If I'm not mistaken some kind hearted BNM's HR staff called me and ask me to go for the interview. Lucky enough I was accepted but my offer letter was withheld thanks to Rafiah Salim who convinced the Governor not to allow my contract to be transferred to BNM's affiliate.

I totally ran out of hope. My father drafted a last appeal letter addressed to Anwar Ibrahim of the Ministry of Finance. About 3 days after that, we received a call from his secretary En. Muhammad Ahmad, if I recalled correctly. He called to get a clearer picture on my case and say he'll recommend to Dato Sri Anwar to write to BNM's governor to appeal on my behalf. Having been toyed around by many politicians, I didn't put my hope that high and was prepared for another disappointment. Two days later, I received the news I've been waiting for 9 freaking months. BNM has agreed to transfer my contract and release me from any contractual obligation.

Anwar Ibrahim did it in 5 days. The others took almost 5 months before saying they can't do anything to help me. For that I owe him my sincerest gratitude. Forget about all the nasty things accused on him (I don't even care if all the accusations were true) Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim is my savior. A true hero indeed. You'll surely get my vote of thanks.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In memory

Isn't he cute? Unfortunately, he has been missing since 13th June 2008. It's Friday the 13th!!
He went missing on that day!! So much for the coincidence...

So what has happened to him. I could speculate that he has ended up in someone's dinner plate amongst the dog-eating community. Or he could have been knocked down (a hit and run victim) by some irresponsible jerk. Probably he died of old age. Who knows....Or probably the aliens have kidnapped him...because he's too adorable.

He came to my house in March 2006 and we have been feeding him since then. A very loyal, obedient and cute dog, I must say. But he's also a very noisy dog. Ha ha ha.

And he lived on instant gratification. You bet!!!! If he wants food, he will start moaning. If he wants to come into the house or out of the house, he will start shaking the gate. No kidding!
Good communication, perhaps!
Anyway, it's sad that he's no longer with us since Friday the 13th.....dum..... scary eh...

If you have seen him or know his whereabout, please let me know. You might get a reward! A packet of peanuts perhaps or some packet of Twisties, Mamee, Double name it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Research, research and research....Month #1

Wow, it has been a long time I haven't blog here.

Three months to be exact, eh... today is the 19th of June, 2008.

So what has happened for the past three months. Im enjoying life, I would say.

I just started my research postgraduate degree in USM. Huh...where is USM. For those who don't know what is USM or where is USM....USM is Universiti Sains Malaysia located in the Penang island and it's a public university ......(duh)...

Also, it has been a year since I've completed my research undergraduate degree.

In fact I have been asked 49 times why I didnt choose the MBA course, though I was accepted into USM as well for the MBA course. I chose to do the research postgraduate degree course because of a very simple answer. I want to be an academician, period.

Secondly, the MBA course is so much more expensive than a research degree course in USM. The research degree course is substantially subsidised by the University. That's a good thing!

To be an academician, a research degree is more valuable than an MBA.

Furthermore, i hate taking exams....!!! Man, i hate exams. I'm just so sick of it.
What a pity of those students above cracking their brains doing some calculus, probably. Anyway, I wonder whoever who took this picture was trying to aim the cleavage of this particular female student or to project the image of an examination setting.

But...but...but...the research process itself is very very overwhelming. Seriously, it can just drive your soul out of your body. What the heck I'm trying to say. HMmm.. Put simply, for some, you have to be psychologically ready to start a research and to write a 50,000 word thesis. WOOO...did i say 50,000 words. Yes, that's right, folks.

Well, here's the beginning of the journey. I would say this is the first month I began this voyage of the research world!

I shall post more blogs as I progress through...
Look out.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My political wishes

Several politicians from the ruling party diligently criticised Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim which was actually a surprise to me in the sense that these politicians are actually highlighting weaknesses and hanky panky that is going on in the ruling party. For example Lim Keng Yaik mentioned that Anwar was giving him ‘hell’ when he was the Deputy Prime Minister. Datuk Seri Koh Tsu Koon further added that Anwar refused to promote a Chinese educator. All these happened when Anwar was the Deputy Prime Minister!

As a Malaysian Penangite of Chinese descent, my wishes are:
1. I want to live in a fair and equitable country.
2. I wish that all Malaysians received equal treatment in terms of employment and career advancement opportunities in the government sector (Dr Koh Tsu Koon has just revealed that such inequality already existed if there are biased politician in the country).
3. I wish that all Malaysians received equal treatment in education and scholarship opportunities, which I still has doubts about the meritocracy system already running in the country.
4. I wish that Malaysia immediately stop funding inept lecturers overseas for postgraduate studies which is a waste of taxpayers’ money! There are lecturers who took the opportunity to prolong the duration of their PhD studies instead of the usual 3 year duration or even came back without a PhD or even misused the funds to buy a Mercedez!
5. I wish that the minorities would never be threatened with the keris again! (Remember that incident!)

As a Malaysian Penangite, how can I be sure that I’m voting for a candidate from the ruling party who are objective, unbiased, fair, corrupt-free and that would favour all races when Anwar was already a prime example of a biased politician in the ruling party.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dog abuse!

On the fifth day of Chinese new year, just outside my house, I saw about a dozen of ruthless boys from around my neighbourhood riding bicycles throwing some firecrackers at dogs! By the look of their faces, one could easily deduce without doubts that they are not the typical straight A students. Instead they are probably (I’m very confident about it) sons of mechanics, labourers, hawkers, members of triads, you name it. So these boys picked on two innocent stray dogs sitting under a car parked next to the field opposite my house. And that car happened to belong to me. First of all, they hurled some firecrackers below the car. Then the dogs started running away in fear from the light explosion under the car towards my house for ‘sanctuary’.

I happened to be standing at my doorstep witnessing the entire incident. Surprisingly, the boys did not stop throwing firecrackers at the two dogs. One of them even turn aggressive and threw repeatedly at the dogs. Just to let you know that one of the dogs is pregnant! Just imagine I was standing there and he just did it thinking there was nothing wrong in hurting dogs. Furthermore, the dogs started to shake the gates violently trying to escape INTO my house.

Of course I was pretty pissed off when the boy did not stop his cruel act even though the dogs are already shaking my gates violently as a result of what he has done. I feel I could make a police report of the incident for causing damage to my gates. You might ask why I didn’t stop them. I did not argue with the boys or shouted at them but I could only stare at them because I don’t want to get into any trouble with these teenage boys who could be children of triad members. I could even risk myself being beaten up by those teenage boys.

A few months earlier, I believe I saw the very same group of boys in bicycles grouped in the field armed with long branches discussing about beating up the very same bunch of innocent stray dogs. These boys seemed to be very free and have nothing else to do! By the way, they were talking very loudly in Hokkien.and that’s why I could hear their conversation. Fortunately, the stray dogs did not come out into the field that night.

Now the point that I’m trying to raise is that these typical people that I know, they pray a lot especially on the 8th day of Chinese New Year around my neighbourhood but then these people shows no remorse towards animal cruelty. So what’s the point of praying? Again, these people could burn all sorts of incense and pray diligently and yet committed some heinous acts. Another example is on the 9th month of the Chinese calendar where Chinese would go vegetarian for that period. And you can easily see how they behave that time. They will just park their cars on the roadside and jammed the road without considering other road users. I’ve even encountered a couple of times where they could just park in front of your house and you will have a difficult time driving your own car into your house.

By the way, I’m a Chinese as well living in a very busy neighbourhood with a high Chinese population. I’ve seen enough antics and it’s really hard to respect my very own type behaving like some barbaric Chinaman who just came out from a ‘kampung’ for the very first time. But I’m not trying to say that acts of animal cruelty are committed exclusively by Chinese alone. I’ve also seen teenage boys from other races and even adults and even foreigners from a neighbouring country throwing pebbles, rocks, tree branches, and even a helmet! I’ve even read about some dog-killing sport in Afghanistan. It seems that human beings universally enjoy hurting animals.

I’ve even seen countless times children aged between 5 to 10 years old who deliberately threw sticks and stones at dogs with their parents standing next to them! And these parents don’t seem to bother about it. These parents would definitely only raise their voices when these dogs bit their children (I’d say deservingly bitten) and asked that these dogs to be put to sleep! After seeing all these sarcastic human behaviour with my very own eyes for many years, I’d not lay pity on any dog bitten victims anymore as a result of their own sarcastic doing and often time when these cases is reported in the newspaper, the parents would always claimed that ‘My children didn’t do anything to the dog!’