Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bachelor of Science

Woooopiiiieeeeeee! That's exactly what I exclaimed after receiving an email telling me that I have been awarded the Bachelor of Science.

Ahem....ahem! My name is Gabriel Gim, BSc.

After 3 months of hardwork and lack of sleep, I got what I have put in tirelessly. A degree! The 3 months of research I have been through is one of the most enjoyable experience I have ever had. Full of agony, satisfaction, frustration, and networking! It is indeed invaluable!

Now I'm just waiting for the postman to give me the certificate. Waiting, waiting....grin!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


I just had a haircut lastweek. I went to Hair Perfect in E-Gate to obtain my brand new haircut.

Unbelievably, the haircut took the barber a wholesome two hours to cut my hair. Wait....two hours!! LOL!

Why? You might asked. I came in the salon with this hair.
And I told the hairstylist "Give me this hairstyle"

"Well....ok" they claimed.
I was seated. I was given a wash and they cut my hair. One hour passed and I saw the mirror...the image is coming....the image is coming. Yes yes....
Finally, you are. This is what I got.
I said.....No No No.... I want this

Please, please cut it shorter....

Another half an hour pass....and voila....I got this instead.
I was thinking. I want it shorter....anyway. Hmmmm....ok la, not bad not bad. Why not, why not! This hairstyle is good enough.

So I walked out a happy man but RM38 poorer.