Monday, August 3, 2009

#3 - The core atheistic philosophy

"Do good for the sake of goodness."
This is the staple principle for any atheists around the world.

If you see a hungry dog. Feed it.
If the dog needs shelter. Give it a shelter.
If someone needs help. Help that person.

Somehow, we can easily see many people today do 'good' not for the sake of goodness but with some intention. We all can see a very good example during the chinese vegetarian month. Out of a sudden, everyone becomes vegetarian in that month. Why? Is it because they do really have pity on animals? Or they are doing just to please their Gods? Tell me. Some even go to the extent of becoming a vegetarian only on the last day of the vegetarian month. This is not really a sincere act, seriously! If one is really a vegetarian, I'm pretty sure that person is an animal lover. Guess what! Those so called people who goes vegetarian were seen hurting stray dogs. Yes, that's right.

So, what's the point? You become a vegetarian but the next day, you hurt a stray dog. Furthermore, these people park their cars haphazardly along the roads just to enjoy their vegetarian meals yet knowing that they are jamming the road. Where are the manners, veggie people!

On the issue of dogs again, I come to know some people who keep dogs not because they like dogs but they do it hoping to get something in return from their Gods!!! Oh my....

The point good for the sake of goodness. Period.