Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tesco Tanjung Tokong

The newly opened Tesco at Tanjung Tokong was packed with cars and people. It was officially opened just about three days ago on 23rd June (Thursday), so, not a surprise with the crowd. The car park was completely full. Fortunately, there is still Straits Quay (shopping mall) just about 200 metres away. There's always next time for Tesco.

Anyway, as I was waiting at the traffic light junction. I noticed a purple Proton Wira stopping at the corner for no apparent reason and the cars behind were honking away. Yet, the purple Proton Wira still refused to budge. Apparently, the purple car driver must have thought he was supposed to stop at the red light but the red light was meant for those wishing to turn right, not left.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have completed my research, my first scientific research.

Yes, I have completed my very first scientific research.

This research looked at the correlation between two variables and the hypotheses were tested in a non-contrived setting.

Yup, I lifted that sentence from my abstract.

It was fun playing around with the SPSS software analysing the data relying on factor analysis, reliability analysis, descriptive analysis, correlation analysis, and multiple regression analysis.

Statistic is never my favourite subject, what's more advanced multivariate statistics, but now I realise statistics are not really that boring.

My research supervisor told me she will help me to publish this research in an international journal. Great!

Now, the MBA is over. So, what's next? A doctoral research!

But, I still have to make several decisions.

Should I do a quantitative (a scientific deductive) research like what I just did or should I do a qualitative (interpretive inductive) research? A qualitative research can be quite interesting, it involves a lot of interviewing and observation compared to a quantitative scientific research which involves more on distributing and collecting questionnaires and using statistics. I stumbled upon a USM thesis where the candidate had to personally live with the orang asli in Pahang and to immerse with them in order to write up her anthropology doctoral research. That is one example of a qualitative research. That is anthropology, so I am not going to Pahang for sure, LOL. For me, my research interest is in organisational behaviour. So, if I were to do a qualitative research, I would have to meet up with some factory managers perhaps and interview them.

Should I do it at the business school or the social science school since I am venturing into the behavioural field? Well, I think it doesn't matter because a PhD is still a PhD no matter which school it is from. That's what my supervisor told me.

The journey has just begun...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The puppy is gone

I just found out that the puppy that I blogged in my previous post has passed away.

I found out that she was run over by a vehicle somewhere in the neighbourhood.

That's life as a stray dog.....