Friday, July 13, 2012

How to drive to Cameron Highlands?

How to drive to Cameron Highlands using the Simpang Pulai way?

I hope this post would be a helpful guide to those intend to drive up to Cameron Highlands using the Simpang Pulai new road.

Assuming you are driving from the north along the PLUS highway, you have to turn in to the Simpang Pulai interchange (Exit 137) just after Ipoh. In fact, the signboard is clear enough.

After turning in, you will drive through a toll booth. Immediately after the toll booth, you will come to a T-junction with traffic lights as shown above. Turn right at this T-junction. There is a sign board just at the background.

After the turning right, just drive straight for about a minute and you will reach a cross junction with traffic lights. Turn right at this cross junction.

After turning right and as you drive along, you will come across a signboard indicating Cameron Highlands is up ahead. This is to assure you that you are on the right route. Just keep driving straight all the way....

On the way up, you will drive along some beautiful scenery. Some parts of the road are wide enough (with two lanes) for you to overtake some lorries, buses, and annoying road hogs.

You will also pass through the Perak-Pahang border with a huge sign on the slope (as shown above) welcoming you to Cameron Highlands.

After driving about one hour, you will reach a T-junction. Turn right to go to Cameron Highlands. Driving straight would lead you to the Blue Valley Tea Plantation and if you keep on driving, it would lead you to Gua Musang in Kelantan. So, remember to turn right at this junction.

After turning right, just drive straight and you will reach a small town, Kampung Raja for another 3 more kilometres. In fact, by now you have already reached Cameron Highlands.

Soon, you will reach Kampung Raja. You will hit another T-junction up ahead just below the yellow building (with a coffee shop at the ground floor) as shown above. Turn left at this T-junction to continue your journey up to the peak of Cameron Highlands. There is a signboard after the junction and look up for the towns Brinchang and Tanah Rata instead of Cameron Highlands (because you are already at Cameron Highlands). Just keep on driving and you will pass through another two more small towns (Kuala Terla and Tringkap) before reaching the peak of Cameron Highlands.

Keep on driving and you will see a significant landmark at the peak of Cameron Highlands. That landmark is Equatorial Hotel. By now, you will know that you are at the peak of Cameron Highlands.

The entire journey should take you about one hour and a half from Simpang Pulai to the peak of Cameron Highlands.

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