Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lost World of Tambun - Water Theme Park

The facade of the Lost World of Tambun is similar to those typical ancient building you will see in 'Indiana Jones' movies. In fact, the Lost World of Tambun is akin to a fort complete with a moat surrounding the entire theme park. The fort looks centuries-old. Yea, even the water in the moat looks nasty and dirty.
But thankfully, the water theme park is clean and pristine, unlike the moat.
Welcome to Lost World of Tambun.
Adult = RM45 per entrance
Children = RM35 per entrance (if I'm not mistaken)
Fortunately, I bought the ticket from Groupon at only RM34 for the adult ticket.
The ticket entitles you to gain entry to every single area in the Lost World of Tambun. There are no other tickets for you to buy.
Dirty moat
The building looks ancient
Entrance to the wave pool

Gathering area
This is the slow river. Look at the pristine water.

This is the Lost World Hot Springs and Spa. The temperature at this pool is about 40 degrees Celcius. I dipped my leg into this pool and I can tell you it is really hot.
The Lost World Hot Springs and Spa is also opened at night everyday. The only difference is that there are fancy lights at the surrounding pools.

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